Unsolicited testimonial!

We’ve sadly lost one of our regulars – Nickie – who’s migrating to The Big City (a well-known cesspit of sin and depravity). Here’s her thoughts on leaving:

Hi Everybody.

Since there was the usual cacophony of noise during the break last nite, therefore some of you probably didn’t hear me – in spite of using Tony’s megaphone (!)

I just want to reiterate a huge thank you to everybody at TUSC for adding so much joy to my life during the past .. ummm … 5 yrs I think it is now. As said, I’ve already met up with a few B…… [redacted] groups – also went to a B…… [ditto] mass jam the other day … but none of them match TUSC for informality, spontaneity and down right crazy fun. A few went on stage and played. They were all so…. “wooden” ??

I will miss the club and you all massively. I won’t forget that first nite that Jane and I turned up. Spare ukes were thrust into our hands, the C chord shown us and we were ordered to “just strum along”! The rest is history. I’ve learned SO much from just listening. (The listening is SO easy. It’s the playing that’s the hard bit …??). I’ve enjoyed adding my bit to the Monday nite TUSC cacophony!

Thank you! I will stay on TUSC fb page (so I can have a nose to see what you’re up to!) and once I’ve found a club – perhaps I will invite you all up one eve so you can show ’em what a proper Uke club- not only sounds like – but how it feels!

Toodle pip and happy strumming.


We all wish her well, and hope she can find something in The Big City that’s at least a reasonable shadow of the mighty TUSC experience.

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