Taunton Live Festival

We gots a GIG! Sunday 30th July…Taunton Live…

So here it is….the gig book for Sunday’s gig as part of the Taunton Live festival.
I understand we are playing in the marquee on Castle Green, behind the Castle Hotel and next to the Bus Station.

Sounds glamorous!

The gig book has been expertly put together by Goldmic Productions and features many of your favourite songs.

Lots and lots and lots going on for Taunton Live starting today.

Meet at 1215pm at the Marquee for a sound check. Yes, a sound check. The audience has insisted on listening to our inane ramblings and we try to work out how to start and finish each song. They say its the best part of our gigs. Can’t argue with that.

We start at 1pm and need to be off the stage around 50 mins or so later…the next act starts at 2pm.

Come on down to the gleaming metropolis of Taunton, Somerset’s County Town for a day of delights.


Get the gig book

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