Spaxton Show Gig Book

Hello! Guess what?
There’s a gig.
A gig?
Yep, a gig.
Saturday 6th August.
Oh, next weekend. Where?
Funny you should ask…it’s is in Spaxton.
Spaxton! Where’s that?
Between here and there…
Come on.
OK, north of Taunton at the foothills of the Quantocks.
Sounds lovely.
It is….gert propa lush.
So this gig. Anymore details?
Of course…The Spaxton Show starts at 2pm.
What time are TUSC playing?
1420hrs for 20-25 mins and 1600hrs for 30 mins. That’s twenty past 2 in the pm and at 4pm.
OK. Mmmmm….got any bush tucker?
Why yes, cream teas all round for the uke players.
So where do we meet?
Head for the village hall. We are playing on the stage.
What about parking?
Plenty. Tell the car park attendants you are with the ‘ukulele band’ and they’ll let you in for free like.
OK, bored now. What else do we need to know?
Spaxton website is here >
Spaxton Show website is here >
Google map link is here >
Gig book is HERE.
OK, really bored now. Will this nonsense be on Facebook and the website? (Ta-da! Ed.)
It will if the nice peoples do the thing with the thing to make the thing appear on the thing.
Wotevs. I’m off to catch more Pokemons. Loser
Me loser? Plonker.
Banjo player.

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