Book 10 upgraded today

Unless you have read this before I typed it, the version of Book 10 you have downloaded is poor, feeble, wrong, corrupt, skanky, shaky, weak. The version that NOW downloads from the Songbooks page, is correct.

As far as we can tell…….

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Index Newer and Improveder

Maintaining the index of all the songbooks is a complex and sophisticated task up to which only intellectually high-flying and computationally fluent hyper-beings can hope to step.

Which is why I keep making such a pig’s ear of it.

This update does not appear to have any weird formatting or mistakes in it. Please let me know if you spot anything!

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New improved Index

You might find that your Index of Books 0-10 is incomplete (the list ends at the song “Titanium”.) If this is the case, you can download it from the songbooks page again, or below, because it was broken and now it is fixed. Rats in the server had nibbled the end of the file.

New and complete Index 0-10!

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Book Zero

Book 0_1 coverThere’s a new book on the Songbooks page now: Book Zero Iteration One. Why Iteration One? Good question. It’s because Book Zero is for the lost souls. The songs that for one reason or another end up orphaned from the regular books. As more songs get updated or changed, so Book Zero will grow to accommodate them.

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Songbooks updated

The, erm, graffiti’d songbooks have been cleaned and reuploaded. Um… I had been uploading my personal annotated copies and, it turns out, I am a naughty schoolboy when it comes to margins.

Now you know how much I like Go West.

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Phil Doleman – Monday 25th May 2015!

Phil Doleman is coming to TUSC!

Uke Magazine

Phil’s voice is as big as his ukulele is small and his love of blues, hokum, jug band and jazz shines through in his intricate picking and driving rhythms. Known as one of the leading lights of the “3rd wave” of the ukulele, Phil travels all over the UK performing and leading workshops at festivals, theatres, clubs and events.

He has appeared on several albums, performed on BBC radio and TV, and shared the stage with some of the world’s finest players.


First off, Phil’s going to lead a workshop session for us:

Making TUSC Sound Even Better!

Bored with everyone strumming the same thing at the same time? Want to add more interest, colour, rhythm and polish to your playing? This is the workshop for you! Suitable for all levels of experience and skill. We’ll take a simple song or two and make them really fly!

Then, after the customary Beer Break, Phil will play us some tunes and sing us some songs. You’ll be hugely entertained and gobsmacked, I can guarantee.

Monday 25th May 2015, 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Constitutional Club, Bishop’s Hull
Tickets: £10 for TUSC members, £5 for kids – available soon – see BigT

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This year’s gigs – 2015

Have a look at the Events page – all the excellent stuff that’s coming up.

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Xmas & New Year

TUSC, like the Windmill Theatre in WW2, never closes.

We’re not having a break over the festive season this year. There will be the usual ukey jams on Monday 22nd December and on Monday 29th.

Who knows how many TUSCovites will want to leave the delights of home, hearth, family, in-laws, screaming kids and TV specials to spend an evening at the Club (a few, I reckon)?

Wishing you, one and all, a splendid one.

Big T

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A taste of TUSC

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There was an issue with the songbooks this morning which is now fixed. If you have any problems please post a comment here. Should all be okay though.

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