(Virtual) OPEN MIC

7:30 on Monday 30th March.


Be there, or be… er… sort of … rectangular.

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It’s with great reluctance and sadness that I have to tell you that TUSC’s regular Monday meetings are suspended for the duration of this viral emergency. The same goes for all our planned gigs.
After nearly fourteen years of never missing a Monday (except Xmas and NY) this comes as a real blow.

(Of course, TUSC isn’t a club at all – it just so happens that a bunch of people who love singing and playing together happen to descend on the Constitutional Club every week. If the Club’s open, and you want to turn up – so be it.)

But don’t despair. Exciting things are coming your way, starting this Monday at 7:30pm. We’re still working on the technical details, but watch this space for news!

But, for these exciting things to happen, you need to be connected. If you haven’t already:
. Join Facebook. Don’t worry about privacy and stuff – if you don’t post it online, no-one will know about it.
. Join our Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/160673897276737/ or search for “Taunton Ukulele Strummers”.

Keep healthy and keep strumming!

T, SP & RdB

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Songbook v2.2

Here’s the very latest songbook, including Rob da Bass’s re-imagining of some miserable numbers into HAPPY songs!



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Songbook v2.1


This is the latest book with ALL our songs!

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Songbook v2.0

Here it is, boys & girls – the latest version with lot of new songs and corrections.


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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Lighter, quicker, accurater.

Get your new and improved v1.1 TUSC Songbook here! Containing over twenty song corrections at one third the filesize!

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New Comprehensive Songbook

It’s like all your Christmasses have come at once. For values of Christmas of Book (n), (n+1)….(13).

There’s a new songbook! It replaces all the others! It’s a work of Sisyphean effort from Lord Tony of The Scratchings, and can be purchased for NONE of your Earth-pounds, HERE.

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Book Zero. Don’t Be A Hero.

Book Zero has regenerated once again. It’s now in its Christopher Ecclestone form, so as soon as there’s something else to add we’ll move on to David Tennant and everybody will be happy.

Click to experience the glory of a new Book Zero, with Lily Marlene and Guantanamera both revised.

Who did that? Why?!

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In your satin tights, fighting for our rights

The Laydeez Book has a new cover. I thought I’d not uploaded the book, so found one without a cover, made a cover, and uploaded it. So now it look like this…! I hope it is acceptable.

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Stocklinch 2018

I was playing on my uke, late one night,
when my ears beheld an eerie fright.
For coming through the air, to my disdain,
There came the sound of this refrain

They sangĀ Go West

Anyway – It’s Stocklinch on Friday 2nd November, 8pm or so. So pick up your uke, get under a sheet, and download the gig book from here.

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